Hi, my name is Charlotte. I grew up in Beijing, where I started my work in animal protection. At the moment I am living in Berlin, Germany, because of my studies in cat and dog psychology, but I still come to the Chinese capital quite often for extended periods. When I am not in Beijing, my family takes care of my stray cat project.

There are a few hundred thousand stray cats in this capital city. To solve the problems with overpopulation, there is an easy and effective way: trap, neuter and release (TNR).

In my compound in Sanlitun I have caught stray cats, brought them to the veterinarian and had them neutered or spayed. They were also vaccinated, before I sat them free again. Since then the usual problems have disappeared: There are no more baby cats, the population is under control, there is less fighting among the cats and less injuries.

This success is also possible in other neighborhoods. The only problem is funding. You can help to pay for the medical treatment of stray cats. As a „Thank You“ for donors I present key chains and mobile phone hangers that I made myself. You can find them at ICVS animal hospital in Beijing or at the Jingxi Shop of Western Academy of Beijing (WAB). They kindly support my efforts.

You can also help by adopting stray cats that are socialized and are looking for a loving forever home. Just contact me.

Help me to expand this project to other neighborhoods. If we all take action, we can stop the population from growing.If you are interested, you can download my booklet about „Stray Cats In Beijing“


                                                                         Thank You!   谢谢               



Help Beijing’s Stray Cats

Meeting Jane Goodall  in Beijing 2010 and 2012






这样的成果也可以在其他临近社区推广。唯一的问题在于资金。我是一个24岁的德国女孩,在北京上大学了, 现在住在德国, 可是经常回来中国。



Cute Ella Found a Home